May 16

Why Should We Eat Paleo?

Stoneage Man is hunting for a rabbit

What is All This About Paleo, or Can I Be a Caveman Too?

I suppose in order to understand why we should eat Paleo, we need to know what it means in the first place. If I had to give a very simple explanation of the basics of Paleo, I would say it focuses on eating whole foods. Paleo eliminates most dairy, grains and processed foods, mimicking the diet of early humans. It sort of makes sense, because our bodies have evolved to be able to run on particular fuels. My brain loves bread so much, that my body saves it all over me as fat for later! Bread isn’t Paleo unless it’s made with alternative flours and fats like coconut.

There are many really great websites that will teach you all you could ever want to know about Paleo, how and where to buy Paleo foods, how to prepare them in the healthiest way, and all the endless health benefits you’ll receive from eating like our ancestors ate.

Sea Veg Whole Food Seaweed Supplement with Fucoidan

My favorite Paleo site is called PaleoLeap. The information there is endless. You will be able to become a member of the PaleoLeap Tribe with access to:

  • A concise guide to all things Paleo
  • 75 Cheat Sheets with essential information at a glance
  • Weight and Sleep Trackers
  • 6 more tools, including nutrition finder and Carb Calculator
  • Dozens of amazing Paleo Recipes with Pictures!

If you’re more of a hands on learner and really want the hard copy on your kitchen counter, here’s a super book for Paleo newbies. It promises to show you how to convert to a Paleo lifestyle to lose weight, feel healthy, and increase your energy level. You’ll get

  • A How To guide to convert to a Paleo diet in 7 day
  • A shopping guide with 117 Paleo recommended foods
  • 99 Paleo Recipes

Banana Bread Recipe By a Real Civilized Caveman!

It’s okay! It’s Paleo! I made this banana bread last weekend as an alternative to the bad habit I’ve gotten into, buying a can of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls for our Sunday morning treat with coffee. Cinnabons are definitely not Paleo! They’re not organic, either, for that matter. Click the link to find the recipe by George Bryant, the  Civilized Caveman.  no bananas

The items above are all organic and paleo. If you’re like me, you’ve never used them before, so when I made the bread, it was fun to see what was possible. I also used organic brown eggs and organic bananas. The cost of all these alternative products is higher than using traditional baking ingredients, but the fact that it produced a gluten-free, refined sugar-free baked treat was pretty cool!

The banana bread tasted better the second and third day. I’m not sure what the dynamic was–maybe it was the leftover-spaghetti-is-always-better phenomenon. Or pizza for breakfast! Here’s a comforting recipe for Paleo Pizza on PaleoLeap. The crust is made with the same coconut flour as the banana bread.

Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies by PaleoHacks

I made these cookies last night while I was preparing dinner. They’re super easy and fast, and definitely satisfy the dessert craving. As you can see by the pictures below, mine aren’t as pretty as the PaleoHack version, but my husband liked them, so I consider them a success! I did use white chocolate chips instead of dark chocolate, just because that’s what I had on hand. I didn’t spend much time shaping them as the recipe directs, either, so those are two essential differences. AND, my oven isn’t great…okay,    enough excuses. They taste really good, and use the same ingredients as above.  CoconutFlourChocolateChipCookiesPaleohacks-744x578 Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you try these recipes, leave me a comment! Leave me a comment anyway! I’d love to hear your feedback on any of my posts, and I’m interested in information you may have to share with me.

Raw Honey

I grew up in a very traditional (average) family, so I only knew honey that came out of a plastic bear! Honey is good stuff no matter how you contain it, but Raw Honey is simply honeybee with pollen duke gardens 72107 1amazing in its taste and texture. The GloryBee brand I used for the banana bread and cookies has a grainy texture and is pretty solid in consistency, not the thick, smooth liquid we all know as pasteurized honey. When I made the bread, I had to dig it out of the jar with a spoon and then stir it into the mashed bananas. It melted somewhat while I was working with the dry ingredients, but not completely. It took some extra work to get it mixed. I’ve since learned that you can set the jar down into a pot of hot water (off the heat), and the honey will liquefy without destroying its enzymes. Any extra work involved in using the raw honey is well worth it, because it tastes so fantastic!

Honey’s status as a Paleo whole food is debated among Paleo experts, and the efficacy of raw honey versus pasteurized is also not clear. Most agree, though, that unprocessed raw honey is a natural whole food, so it would seem Paleo friendly. For a complete explanation of honey, go to PaleoLeap



Apr 16

Why Buy Natural and Organic Products?


When I was in the dairy refrigerator at Costco recently, trying to decide
whether to buy the two dozen large cage-free organic brown eggs for $6.99, or the dozen and a half regular old large white eggs for $2.69, I only hesitated for a second, and walked out with the brown eggs. If I had a house full of kids, I may have made a different decision, but I don’t and I didn’t.

My son-in-law has told me “organic” isn’t really better for you, but I think that’s awfully Sheldon Cooper of him. He’s pretty smart, but if eating organic means I’m goingbig-bang-660x450 to ingest fewer pesticides, synthetic fertilizer, ionizing radiation, hormones, antibiotics and sewer sludge, I think I want to do that! I’m a lot older than he is, and these things are beginning to matter to me. I’m already starting to have parts removed to prevent inevitable cancer, so anything I can do to minimize that risk is a good idea to me.

Besides beginning to fall apart in general due to aging, I am also struggling to lose weight. It’s been a lifelong journey, but I have experienced the joy of thinness in my adult life. When I hit my 50s (7 quick years ago), it became a lot more challenging to lose weight. I’m at a point where I’m not only looking at myself, but out in public I look at others and think, “How the hell did we all get so fat?! Something’s going on here!

Sea Veg Whole Food Seaweed Supplement with Fucoidan

I don’t believe it’s simply a lack of exercise. It’s a combination of that, and just a lot of eating, drinking, and being merry on the path of least resistance. Food is good and abundant in the western world! I could live happily ever after on a nice loaf of sourdough with butter, a bowl of garlic mashed potatoes, an 8 oz filet mignon with peppercorn sauce, and a nice bottle of Merlot! Maybe a chocolate chunk brownie with peanut butter chocolate gelato…too? Gourmet Vegetarian





But what about all those foreign substances I listed above, like pesticides, fertilizers, and even the chemicals found in food packaging? There’s a category of chemicals called Endocrine Disruptors that act just like hormones in your body that promote weight gain. Bisphenol-A is one of those chemicals, and is present in some plastics, the lining of food cans, and some cleaning products. It effects certain cells called fibroblasts that normally work on forming connective tissue. Bisphenol-A turns those cells into fat cells!! As if we need more of those! And this is just one example of how chemicals found in our food supply can contribute to obesity. Banner-2013-WFD

Human’s have a tendency to try to improve on stuff that really doesn’t need improving. Food in the 21st century can be a complicated subject, though, because there are 7+ billion people on the planet, and we all have to eat! Modern industrial farms produce huge volumes of food, and since the year 2000, hunger has dropped at least 25% in 85 countries. That’s a good thing. But…a study released in 2014 shows that 30% of the food produced in the U.S. goes uneaten–wasted. In some developing countries, as much as 50% of the food produced spoils before it’s ever eaten because of poor or no storage facilities. Wasted food in landfills produces methane gas, a major contributor to the greenhouse effect. mother-nature-myth

So why not rethink the industrial food production model? Humans are pretty clever, but it seems unwise to think we can improve on nature. That whole scene just seems brilliant and perfectly balanced. Why not get back to working with nature? You know, MOTHER Nature? There’s a reason it’s called that!

GMO – Yes or No? Dark-History-of-Monsanto

Monsanto is notoriously the Darth Vader of genetically modified food production. One could argue that they’ve industrialized food production through the use of chemicals and genetic modification, significantly increasing the yield from arable land. The human population is estimated to grow to around 9 billion by 2050. GMO stakeholders are using the threat of mass starvation, and seed monopolies through patent laws as a way to sell their technology. Why would we allow a company like Monsanto, whose first product in 1901 was Saccharin, followed by other chemical products like DDT and Agent Orange, to decide how the world’s food supply is produced?

Monsanto is fully focused in agribusiness, now. They claim to have sold offTry Our New Organic Infant Formula! their chemical production interests and reemerged as a producer of genetically modified seeds. The modifications, though, create plants that are resistant to the chemical weed killer, Roundup, meaning that farmers who use GMO seeds can use the chemical Roundup in their fields to control weed infestation without killing the crop. This has, over time, resulted in quickly evolving super weeds that are no longer killed by the chemical. It’s the same old story. As farmers are experiencing some devastating financial consequences of having bought into what is essentially an evil entity (Monsanto) with their seed patents that bring them huge profits, organic farming is the push back.

It’s ironic that organic farming is considered a new alternative method, considering it’s based on the laws of nature and humans have been doing it for about 12,000 years! Until 200 years ago, all farming was organic. Organic farming uses no synthetic or inorganic agrochemicals. Plants are grown from non-GMO seeds. Why would we not choose it? There’s a smart movement towards community gardens in urban and suburban neighborhoods. People are coming together to produce at least some of their own food using non-chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Imagine a future where we’ve figured out how to integrate technology and nature to create a clean and beautiful urban garden.
Target Bronx Gallery

Community Gardens

Participating in community gardens is beneficial in a couple of ways.
It obviously results in people eating healthier foods–especially those in lower socioeconomic areas who wouldn’t otherwise have ready access to organic whole foods. The other very positive effect is on the soul of those who work in the garden. It’s so common to become removed from the natural world in favor of all things digital and tech. Even when we do venture outside, we’re often focused on our phones. Planting seeds and seeing the full life cycle of a plant, and then harvesting and consuming the produce is provocative in a good way. It reminds us that our food doesn’t magically come from a shelf in a grocery store, and may even start us thinking about deeper concepts that put our daily struggles into perspective. Also, the sun on our skin produces Vitamin D, which in turn stimulates the feel good neurotransmitter, serotonin. Working in the garden and eating organic produce could be life changing!

How Do You Know How to Eat Organic?

The Organic Cooks BibleThere’s a great book called The Organic Cook’s Bible: How to Select and Cook the Best Ingredients on the Marketby Jeff Cox. It’ll guide you through just about everything you could ever need or want to know about eating organic. You’ll learn

  • The meaning of organic and why you should choose it for health.
  • How to organize your kitchen to stay organic in the long run.
  • Everything you need to know about organic produce in alphabetical order.
  • How to judge the age and quality of organic foods in a grocery.
  • How to prepare gourmet level meals with recipes from organic chefs.
  • Nutritional values of the foods you eat.
  • And more…

Apr 16

Hemp Products For Inflammation

Inflammation – Friend and Foe!

Inflammation is basically your body’s natural immune response against things like infections and viruses. It’s the cavalry dressed as white blood cells riding in to defend you against foreign invaders! Inflammation also occurs when tissue is injured, such as skin
abrasions and orthopedic injuries, so it has a beneficial purpose in the healing process. Often you can find areas of inflammation in your body by feeling warm spots on your skin, or seeing redness and swelling.

Inflammation can also be caused by the basic wear and tear on our bodies that is often a part of aging. This tends to become Chronic Long Term Inflammation, and the causes include:

  • Stress                                                      what causes inflammation
  • Overeating and excess weight
  • Lack of exercise
  • Smoking
  • Excess alcohol consumption
  • Poor dental health
  • Exposure to environmental pollutants

Considering the list above, it’s obvious that chronic inflammation is very common. When you consider the astronomical amount of money we spend every year on pharmaceutical drugs worldwide, it’s a safe bet that a lot of us suffer from some form of inflammation.

How to Address the Root Causes of Inflammation

Rather than treating the symptoms of inflammation, most notably pain and general discomfort, how about trying some lifestyle changes? It’s not always easy to make changes, so I would suggest adding some hemp food items you may never have considered before, and see if you can work that into eliminating some of the more toxic ones you buy out of habit. Hemp hearts/seeds are an easy food item to add to your daily routine. Watch the video below for a good description of the benefits of this super food. You’ll enjoy Dr. Axe.

Hemp Oil (CBD), is used both topically and as a dietary supplement. There are many products available online, with more limited availability through health food and vitamin stores like GNC. Here are a few hemp products I’ve found online, with a lot of information available through the source website.



Mar 16


My goal is to introduce you to hemp, and some new natural and organic products that can improve and enhance your quality of life. The materials and ingredients aren’t new at all, they’re ancient with fascinating histories that span much of human existence.pranaWe’re conditioned to think the best products, and the most effective remedies and treatments come from big pharma and manufacturers that mass produce goods in other countries with cheap labor. The truth is, we’ve unnecessarily complicated the simple perfection of nature by thinking we can improve on it. We’ve forgotten the amazing goodness of Prana – or “life force” that exists in basic natural products and whole foods.

My hope is that you are between the ages of 5 and 115! If there’s a good reason for, natureand definition of “unity of purpose” in 2016, it’s that we all, no matter what generation we fall into, figure out a way to reconnect with planet Earth. It’s really an individual and personal exercise, and can be as simple as walking outside specifically to witness the absolute glory of our natural world.

My inspiration comes from a lifelong attraction to natural materials. I’m not anti-animal products, but I do respect and recognize the goodness of plant-based products for personal care and health. TakingGreen-650x365 good care of our bodies by eliminating toxic chemicals from the products we use and the foods we eat is essential to our quality of life. I’m here to help you learn a little bit about natural products made from industrial hemp and where to buy them. I’ll also touch on other natural plant based products that are not only good for your health and well-being, but are beautiful, sustainable, and Earth friendly as well.